Pop art abstract landscape painting.

Using local monuments and landmarks to speak of paths travelled, memory and time.

I wanted to make landscape painting that had a narrative, that combined images like a poem would, to tell a personal story about that place and what it meant to the author. I found in the works of artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Peter Blake, a way of doing this. 

I combine different ways of painting, abstract, figurative, from drawings, direct, or from photographs, in one image, so the picture is clearly constructed. I think of the painting from photographs bits like ready-made objects that I put into the painting to stand for the real thing, and can be moved around to tell my story. 

For instance, in ‘CH-CH, St Peter’s Church, Dorchester’, which shows my father’s route to our church every Sunday, I’ve lined up the church, the town war memorial and the memorial on the wall of Holy Trinity Church with one of my concentric circle monuments, in order to say, like the famous evangelical poster, ‘What’s Missing? UR’